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Cotford St Luke
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The Chapel (Read 100715 times)
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Re: The Chapel
Reply #255 - 19. Feb 2014 at 18:56
Thanks for the responses Guys. As I said, I didnt think it was necessarily from The Chapel, I was just trying to eliminate, and they tell me no-one else has had a problem so she must have picked it up from elsewhere.  Sad
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Re: The Chapel
Reply #256 - 24. Mar 2014 at 18:20
Quote from Facebook -- "don't forget guys Bodyshop/Massage/Beauty Evening from 8pm in aid of Children with Cancer ... Come Along and show your support. All Welcome"

-----just reminded myself of this message I read on Facebook-------

It being a subject close to my (and, I know, many other people's!) heart ----- it sounds as though The Chapel is the place we could go tonight to make that difference to Cancer Research (especially for children)----

If our purchases make the difference to little ones---- well----- it's worth putting our glad rags on for---- xx
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Re: The Chapel
Reply #257 - 28. Nov 2014 at 16:03
I see the pub is up for sale again (650k) and the current licensee due to leave in January.

This pub should be a gold mine!!!
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Re: The Chapel
Reply #258 - 28. Nov 2014 at 16:53
It's been bought by Tiger Bills, there is a whole thread on the Village section about it.  Smiley
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Re: The Chapel
Reply #259 - 04. Jan 2015 at 23:31

marilyn wrote on 17. Nov 2013 at 15:09:
"Just write a poem for The Chapel,"
Pat said, handing me a card;
But the space left 'tween the messages,
Meant that task would be too hard.

So many folk had written,
"Thanks, Sam!" and "Well done!"
"Congratulations!" and their memories,
Of a twelve-months full of fun.

My own thoughts need a big page,
For the happy times I've known,
Parties, Beer Fests, Music,
Friendship, kindness I've been shown.

'The Chapel' --- here a hundred years,
With tales that it could tell,
A sanctuary for patients, staff,
Called in by peal of bell....

Few happenings are recorded,
Of that century's history,
But it was built to gather people,
---and that's ever meant to be----

In nineteen-ninety-seven,
Its religious purpose spent,
The NHS just closed it's doors,
There was really no lament....

Deserted for a decade,
Neglected, derelict, forlorn,
As a rose stem with no petals,
No sweet fragrance----only thorn---

The Millenium then did happen,
And in two-thousand-and-eight,
Shaun O'Reilly's input,
Made that June a special date.

With the inside all refurbished,
Staircase, first floor, Bar, new roof,
'The Chapel Inn' was opened,
Was it needed? (...we're the proof! Wink )

So, for three years, how we partied,
Making friends of neighbours here,
Sam, Becks, Laura, Mandy -- barmaids,
Happy times of pure good cheer---

Sadly, that was all to finish,
Once again, the key was turned,
The Chapel, locked again, stood empty,
'Nothing's set in stone---' we learned....

Undaunted ('cos we're British!)
[---and we like some little drinks!]
Our Friday nights continued,
Different venues: our chain's links.

There's another, whole new story,
Could be written 'bout those times,
---but, like Grimm's or Aesop's fables,
They're best kept for other rhymes!

---and then two-thousand-twelve arrived,
Good news filled every street,
Sam would re-open The Chapel,
All our social needs to meet!

"Would it be in time for Christmas?"
Was the question on each lip;
"Yes, take us as we are---but welcome!"
Sam, 'midst tarmac, paint, did quip.

----'twas the sixteenth of November,
And the antique, fine Oak door,
Opened up to warmly welcome,
Its 'congregation' here once more.

Christmas, New Year, Quiz nights, Parties,
New Beer Garden, Beer Fests, too,
Hard graft paved our social pathway;
Sam----our love and thanks to you----- Smiley xxxx

This lunchtime, as I enjoyed a delicious meal from The Chapel's carvery and gazed down at the bar from the galleried dining area, I was reminded of this poem I wrote a while ago----

The Chapel is now closed until one of the Chefs (Mike) gets married on Friday January 16th when everyone is invited along to his wedding reception that evening--- our last chance to enjoy an evening there with Sam and her team as our hosts as she will then be leaving to run The Old Mexican restaurant in Taunton ----

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